Katarzyna Kociomyk

Artist Statement

“My first oil painting I painted when I was 4 years old. I think that back then I first started to think about becoming a painter. Through painting, I was creating my own spaces, and new worlds starting from some small element of reality. That internal and external reality seemed to be my early inspiration. After an Elementary School I applied to a strictly art oriented High School, and near the end of it I was considering studying at one of the best Fine Art Academies in Europe; the goal which at that time, could only exist in my dreams. Despite my dire financial situation, and the family turmoil I took a risk, and gave my talent a chance. Leaving everything behind I bet all on one card, and decided to leave my home. In October of 1993 I was accepted to Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, and in a matter of weeks, I was studying under some of the best art professors in the World. I finished the Academy with Honors with a solid technical foundation, extensive knowledge of art history, and a better understanding of the word “artist”. In a short time after the graduation, I put my career on hold and decided to devote my life to my children. My relationship with art had remained very strong, but this time it was a relationship mostly internal; without expressing my emotions on canvas. My life was constantly creating ideas for paintings, but growing challenges of a young mother, working as an educator and taking care of my homemade creativity extremely difficult. After many years of almost an artistic coma life had presented me with another opportunity that required taking a huge risk. My situation almost repeated itself. This time, once again faced with a dire financial situation, and the family turmoil, I took a risk of coming for a visit to the United States. The opportunity of being professionally around art, and people passionately involved in it gave me, one more time, the strength, and the courage to believe in my career as an artist. I am again fully devoted to my art, constantly expanding into new mediums, forms, and subjects, which like an Academy of Fine Art at one point, existed only in the realms of my dreams. One more time the element of risk, and believing in myself feels like the only direction for me as an artist, as well as a woman. I am continuously evolving. What’s next? The time will tell.”

Born, raised, and educated in Poland, Katarzyna Kociomyk came to the United States in December 2009. She became a full-time U.S. resident in September 2010. She opened her first working studio in a tranquil home in Quechee, Vermont within a few days after her arrival. Since then Katarzyna has painted over 300 canvases, which are now in collections around the US, Canada, South America, Australia and Europe. Mrs. Kociomyk is known for her amazing diversity of styles and techniques. She is also an established commission artist and accepts selected commission projects including; portraits, surrealism, still life, landscapes, cityscapes and more. Katarzyna has recently relocated to remote parts of Southern Indiana to ”get away from it all” and to fully focus on developing new ideas and artistic challenges.