Kinga Banas-Zadlo

Kinga Banas-Zadlo is an educator, a musician and an artist. She is the founder and violinist of the Renaissance Quintet, and performs with orchestras and choruses in the Chicagoland area. As an artist, Kinga specializes in the pastel medium, but also enjoys working in oil and mixed media.

Kinga’s love affair with art began at an early age. She drew tirelessly and on anything: scraps of paper, school notebooks and newpapers. In adolescence she copied sketches of the Renaissance painters and works of the impressionist, Mary Cassatt. The latter helped her discover pastels. As a teen Kinga began studio classes at the New York Art Students League under the instruction of pastelist Americo Di Franza. She learned from seasoned adult artists and drew inspiration from the League’s former members, such as Jackson Pollock and Georgia O’Keeffe. After graduating with a Masters in Education and moving to River Forest, Illinois she became a juried artist at the Oak Park Art League, continued to hone her craft and exhibit her work.

When painting Kinga strives to capture the spirit of the subject and the atmosphere of the surroundings – a bird’s eye in flight… a surprise in a young girl’s face… a rusted car against the beauty of the prairie. Her work has been described as “having grit” due to the directness of her style.