Matt Lamb

Matt Lamb was unique in a variety of ways, from the art he created, his methods of creation, and the journey he took to becoming an artist at all.

Born and raised in Chicago, Lamb worked along side his father at the Blake-Lamb Funeral Home, expanding the business into a successful chain. It was through this career that Lamb developed his innate ability to explore death while celebrating life. It wasn’t until a misdiagnosed terminal illness in his 40s that Lamb began gradually exploring painting. His pursuit was inspired by the contemporary culture of Chicago, as well as his Catholic upbringing, and was compelled by what he believed were his final days.

As a self-taught artist, Lamb’s style depicts an unusual blend of abstract and avant-garde. He spent his artistic career exploring mixed media, incorporating concrete, gesso, and pigment to create layers of color and texture that he would then use to find forms and subjects to paint over. The result is a body of work that is rough and surreal, yet also elegant in its expressionism. Lamb used his work to inspire “peace, tolerance, understanding, hope and love”. The bold colors and blocky, simplistic figures, Lamb’s collection has an air of innocence, and invites you to develop your own interpretation of the abstract image.

During his short artistic career, Lamb’s raw style and inspiration touched a wide audience of viewers, with exhibits around the world, including Russia, Pakistan, Ireland, and the Vatican, Germany, France and Italy.

On February 18th, 2012, Lamb died at age 79 of pulmonary fibrosis.