Susan Block

Artist Statement

I think of my work as nonfigurative figurativism: the figure approximately. That doesnʼt mean that Iʼm not interested in form and line. I am. I push past form and line to find the unexpected: the nonsequitur.

The nonsequitur is very important to me. It takes an idea from one course of action and wrenches it into another direction. It forces a piece to morph from good to great.

The surfaces of my paintings are highly manipulated encouraging a two-dimensional work to become three dimensional. There are no mistakes. There are happy accidents. Surfaces are meant to read as a controlled chaos vibrating with energy.

There is evolution; A beginning a middle and an end; without plan. Plan is for sissies. My work is a moment to moment intercourse between artist and art.

The messages of the work are numerous. One obvious discussion is of transitions and reinventions; the movement from who we are, to who we will become.

Whatever is, was. And on and on.

I think of Amselm Kiefer. His work has a randomness that I relate to.